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For almost 3 decades Actors Centre Australia (ACA) has operated as a private, world-class dramatic arts training facility dedicated to producing Australia’s most sought after actors and committed to nurturing creative development and growth within the wider community.

ACA was founded by Dean Carey in 1987 and as Creative Director, Dean continues to ensure all courses are balanced by modern skills and time-honoured performance techniques. All courses are delivered inside an environment motivated by encouragement, respect and positive engagement.

This vibrant creative arts centre offers full-time and part-time courses, masterclasses, short courses in acting, presenting, singing, voice overs, screen skills, on-screen training as well as corporate development.

All courses have been designed to either introduce, develop or strengthen the creative individual and actor alike from first igniting the passion of performance and creative vibrancy, right through to the ongoing growth of seasoned professionals.

ACA is proud to maintain an environment which equally supports and challenges personal and professional growth in every individual. Our staff are committed to personalised attention and to sustaining a high-quality creative culture.

The performing arts is an exciting industry where the study of acting and acting skills allows each individual to plug into their vast resources, abilities and potential. Welcome to ACA and the Next Step program in Adelaide.